Battery Regulations

The following instruction is aimed at those who use batteries or products with integrated batteries and do not resell these in the state they were delivered in (end users):
1. Returning of used batteries free of charge
Batteries must not be disposed of with household waste. You are bound by law to return used batteries in order for a professional disposal to be ensured. You can return used batteries at a municipal collection point or at local merchants. We as retailer are also bound to take used batteries whereby our obligation is limited to used batteries of those kinds that we have or had as new batteries in our product range. Used batteries of the previously named kind you can send fully stamped back to us or directly return them at following address free of charge:

Meaning of the symbols

Orange AB/XLIndustri
Industrivägen 23F
30241 Hamstad
10179 Berlin
2. Meaning of the battery symbols
Batteries are labelled with the symbol of a crossed bin (see below). This symbol means that batteries must not be thrown in the household waste. Batteries that contain more than 0,0005 percentage Mercury by weight, more than 0,002 percentage Cadmium by weight or more than 0,004 percentage Lead by weight have the chemical symbol for the respective pollutant displayed below the bin symbol – “Cd“ stands for Cadmium, “Pb“ for Lead and “Hg“ for Mercury.